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Powerlifting focusses on the big 3: Squat, Benchpress & Deadlift. The training is based on strengthening these three movements to their utmost capacity while adhering to the highest quality of technique.

Functional Weightlifting

By combining strength, agility and cardiovascular training, functional weightlifting focusses on strengthening and improving overall human movement and performance.


Strongman is the grandfather of weightlifting. It’s about true functional weightlifting and long times under heavy tension. Strongmen are the athletic descendants of Hercules and Warrior Vikings. It is the truest display of human strength.


Bodybuilding centers itself on sculpting and developing your musculature and physique. Using various equipment, movements and a solid nutrition, you can target specific muscle definition and shape your physique to its utmost potential.


We want our members to be able to train what they and how they want with the best equipment. We hand-picked the equipment from industry leading brands in order to ensure that whether you are a beginner, amateur or pro, you can achieve your fitness goals.

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