Cancer f*cking sucks. But we can do our small part. So come join our community charity event!

Cancer f*cking sucks. But we can do our small part. So come join our community charity event!

Event details:

Date & Time
– 12:30
– Sat, Sept 23rd
– Iron House Gym

Skill Level?
This event is for both beginner and experienced lifters!

Any type of barbell clean variation.

Charity lift
Your donation to our KWF page is your registration!

I think we can all agree that cancer is horrible...

Almost every single year we try to organise at least 1 event to help raise awareness for all those struggling with cancer. Most of us, if not all of us, know someone who has been affected by this horrible illness. So we want to do our part, in any small way that we can.

So come join us for this years for our Cleans Against Cancer event. A group lifting event where together, lifters of all levels will accumulate as many reps as possible on the barbell clean in 1 hour!

How the event works

The way this event works is as follows.
– For exactly 1 hour all participants will be trying to get as many reps as possible on any variation of the barbell clean movement.

– The hour consists of 10 groups doing 5 minutes rounds with 1 minute rest in between – We will have 6 barbells setup up for each round. The last few round will have less barbells because less will be needed for those weights. – The first round starts at 30kg and every round the weights on the bars go up 10kg, ending with 120kg for the last round.

So all levels of lifters can participate. You can sign up and register for specific weights that you want to tackle during the event. After every break, the weight has gone up and new people step up and try to get as many reps as possible for that weight and group. All the way to 120kg.!

What you will be doing

When registering, you will sign up for a group or multiple groups that are assigned to a specific weight on the bar. During that group you along with other people will go on and off and try to build up as many reps as possible in that 5 minute window. During that round of 5 minutes, you can clean, power-clean, muscle-clean, squat-clean or any other clean and build up as many reps as possible. At the end of each round and at the end of the event we will tally how many total points we have.

How the points work

Each weight of each group will be assigned a donation-value:
30kg = €0.10
40kg = €0.25
50kg = €0.50
60kg = €0.65
70kg = €0.75
80kg = €1
90kg = €1.25
100kg = €1.50
110kg = €2.00
120kg = €2.50
So the total amount of reps x the donation value of each group = total points and the donation for that group and the total of the event.

And how will we donate?

Once we have a nice big total amount lifted during the event, we will tally all the point and come up to a total donation for the event. The donations will come from three places:

1. Your small donation of €5 euros to participate in the event will be the first batch of donations.

2. The official KWF page will be open for everyone and all to donate. We will invite our members and community to donate as well as ask others to join in as well.

3. The remainder of the donations needed to match the total we set during the event will be donated by our awesome sponsors who have agreed to support our event.


If you would only like to support this event with a donation, you can do so on on our KWF fundraiser page via the button below.


Want to join this awesome event?

Sign up below!

A small donation of €5 will serve as your participation fee! You will be redirected to our official KWF donation page after filling in the form. Make sure to donate with your name!

After signing up you will be directed to our official KWF donation page where you can donate your €5 participation fee and you will also receive a confirmation of your sign up shortly after!

Or would you rather volunteer?

We need people to keep count of the reps and increase the weights each round!

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