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Our group classes

At Iron House we offer group lessons for everyone! Whether you are looking for more guidance and coaching, or you would rather have a fun and challenges hour of training without thinking too much, everything is possible!

All subscriptions at Iron House give you unlimited access to all our classes. You can decide for yourself how often and when you’d like to work out. For some this means every day, and for others once a week in combination with their own individual training sessions.

Whatever your goals are, our classes will make you a better, fitter, stronger version of yourself! Our talented and experience instructors provide a fun, safe and motivating group setting. Our classes are also a great way to meet our awesome community!

Our classes are open to all levels. Whether you are new to strength training or perhaps already an experienced crossfitter, we will scale the classes and make them challenging for everyone.


Group classes Utrecht

Powerlifting Technique Class

This class is the best place to work on technique for the three big fundamental strength movements; squat, benchpress and deadlifts. The powerlifting class is ideal for both beginners and enthusiasts. We provide expert hand-on coaching so you can learn to lift safely and correctly. The big three lifts are gym fundamentals that everyone should know and powerlifting is a great sport to build strength and fitness.

Fitness begeleiding Utrecht

Weightlifting class

Olympic weightlifting combines strength and technique into an exciting and challenging sport. This class is perfect for learning the fundamentals and optimizing your snatch and clean & jerk movements. Our expert coach provides a safe but challenging training for all levels of experience. Skills you learn here can also be used for other classes like PowerHour!

Fitness Utrecht

Power Hour class

PowerHour is our most popular class! We combine strength and conditioning training into a fun and dynamic group workout. We take aspects from powerlifting, HIIT training, conditioning, bodybuilding, sport training and more into an awesome hour of training. There’s a specific focus each month and a new workout each class so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the workout!

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The class schedule

Signing up for the classes go via the Iron House app. As soon as you signed up for a membership you will receive an invitation to create an account for the app.


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