Our classes are coached by experience instructors who know how to make everyone of all fitness levels feel welcome and motivated. We offer a wide variety of classes so that you can find what type of training works best for you.


Here you learn how Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift with the right technique and how to get the most of your big lifts. 

Groepslessen Utrecht Gym


Our most popular class! A combination of strength and conditioning that is both challenging and fun for all levels of experience.

olympic weightlifting group class utrecht


The class to learn the technique and skill for olympic weightlifting. A skill training class that still offers a great overall workout.

Strongman group class gym utrecht


Our bi-weekly class that focusses on the sport of Strongman. Learn how to lift big weights safely and test your strength.

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Jessica van Veluw
Power Hour & Powerlifting lessen
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I like to participate in the group lessons because they always push me to get the best out of myself. During a group lesson I take that extra step which motivates me to keep coming. In addition, they are very varied, which makes it fun and challenging to participate every time.
Josine Verhagen
Power Hour & Weightlifting lessen
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I started at Iron House with the power hour classes. It was a nice accessible way to get to know the gym, which I found a bit intimidating at first. After a while I started to get used to all those strong people and I started the powerlifting classes with a friend. During these classes I learned a lot about technique and built up confidence to train with heavier weights.
Roos Verkade
Power Hour & Weightlifting lessen
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During the weightlifting group lessons there is a lot of focus on using the right technique. Both Myron and the other coaches know how to convey this in a nice and clear way.
Olaf Pijl
Power Hour lessen
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Power Hour is accelerating together. For me, Power Hour is perfect after a working day in front of the laptop. Exercising so hard that you can no longer imagine that your work is part of life. Clear your head and you will also get fit! 🙂
Jill Muller
Power Hour & Powerlifting lessen
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Thanks to the group lessons I can explore my limits in a good way and push them again and again. The group lessons also made me part of the great community within IronHouse in no time. The good guidance, varied workouts and the nice people really make my power hour a success every time!
Emily Eversdijk
Powerlifting les
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The powerlifting class was the perfect setting for me to take the first step towards powerlifting. There is a lot of personal attention, the atmosphere is cozy and casual and you can ask all your questions. Roy pays a lot of attention to the technique of the exercises, this makes me feel more confident in my own sports program.
Charlotte Andeweg
Powerlifting les
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The powerlifting classes are fun and motivating.
For a beginner it is nice to get acquainted with powerlifting. But for a slightly advanced person it is nice to improve your technique and get more out of yourself under the guidance of a nice trainer!
Floortje Bikele
Powerlifting les
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2 years ago I really thought it was time to do more strength training, and I started taking the Powerlifting group lesson at IronHouse. What started with once a week has been expanded to twice a week due to the super fun variations of the lesson. I have made great progress in technique and strength and have more energy and because my whole body has become stronger.

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