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We want to give you the best gym and place to become the best of yourself.
To make strength sports an essential part of your lifestyle.
It doesn't matter if you have experience or not, Iron House is the place for you!

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Working out at Iron House is a completely different experience than working out at a commercial gym. Here you are surrounded by like-minded people, serious athletes, a fun atmosphere and much more.

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Would you like to come and train at Iron House for a day? We’d be happy to have you, but it is important to reserve your day-pass in advance.

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Everything you need to train towards your goals

We believe

That you should have a gym where you feel welcome, safe and comfortable.

You should be excited to come work out.

You should be surrounded by like-minded people who are ready to help and support you.

You should have guidance and assistance from qualified and experienced coaches who are always ready to help.

You should be able to train with the best equipment and in a great environment.

That's why
we created
Iron House

Become an Iron House member!

Best way to start.

We want you to have a great start on your fitness journey with the right guidance. Let us help you find the right workouts and routines so you can start loving your workouts.

  • Every new member gets a custom 4 week program to help you get started.
  • We offer every new member a free consultation with a coach to chat about how you can get the most out of your membership.
  • Our wonderful coaches and staff are always ready and willing to help you with your program and your training.

Train YOUR way!

Train YOUR way and enjoy YOUR membership!

We designed our gym for all types of individual and group training and workouts. No matter how you want to train, we have the equipment, environment and community for it in Utrecht.

  • Open gym in Utrecht; train however and whenever you want.
  • Train together and get coached during our Power Hour group class!
  • Work on technique under guidance from a coach during our Powerlifting Class!
  • Try one of our free training programs!

More guidance, more options

We have a team of highly trained and experienced coaches who are ready to help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s general fitness, vitality, sport specific or powerlifting, we can help take you to the next level. And we have an option to fit any need and any budget!

  • Get a tailor made 10 week custom training program!
  • Get a coach and get hands on coaching and programming with the Iron Athlete Program!
  • Get a dedicated personal trainer! We match you with a trainer that fits your needs and goals!

Be part of a great community.

Our gym and the equipment make us great, our community makes us awesome! Our community consists of people from all over Utrecht from all walks of life. No matter who you are or how you train, we value kindness, respect and equality. And which such a great community we regularly organize competitions, charity events, social events and parties!

Iron House is more than a gym.

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Full Service gym


Are you ready to take your fitness goals seriously?
Or are you just starting your fitness journey and want to learn how to train correctly and safely?

Then personal training is for you. Our personal trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and take you to the next level. You get 1-on-1 sessions and a custom made training program. But more importantly you get the support and motivation you need.


Is there a goal you have been trying to achieve?
Are you struggling with taking the next step?

Then it’s time to get a coach. The right coach can make all the difference. Not only do we help with 1-on-1 coaching sessions but your coach will guide your through your weekly training program as well as give your the right tools for nutrition and mindset. Whether that’s for Powerlifting or sport performance goals.


Why train alone when you can train together?

Classes are one of the best ways to train. You get to experience new workouts and challenges together with other members. You lift and learn together and support each other along the way. Whether taking skill classes to perfect your technique or joining a quick high intensity workout, our instructors are ready for you!


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