Join our legendary Mock Meet!

Our legendary mock meet is back!


Bigger, better, doper.

Come join our fourth edition of our legendary Mock Meet. Our mock meets are known for the amazing vibes, motivating community, and for being the best place to experience powerlifting. Come test yourself and hit your PRs surrounded by like-minded people in our amazing gym.

This meet is full!

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This meet is now full!
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here is what you need to know!

Meet Information:
Date: April 22nd & 23rd.

  • Signup Fee: €25, refundable if you unregister by email before March 27th.
  • You can do the full meet or only selected lifts.
  • There will be delicious food and drinks for sale.
  • Sign-up for the meet closes on April 1st.
  • You’ll be sent an invoice after registration to finalize your sign-up.

The exact planning will be posted once we can organize people based on weight classes.

Morning weigh-ins start at 8:00 and afternoon groups can start weighing in at 12:00.
Orientation for morning groups are at 8:30 and at 12:30 for afternoon groups.
Each session has 2 groups. Traditionally the first group or ‘flight’ to lift warms up first and when they start lifting, the second group/flight starts to lift.

Mock Meet Rules.
This competition is a mock meet, so we adhere to our own in house rules. It is still a traditional ‘raw’ powerlifting meet, but it is an informal competition. so that means:

  • You do not have to wear a singlet. You can if you like, but it is not required. However, the tighter your clothes, the easier it will be for the judge to see good lifts.
  • You have to wear shoes at all times and you have to have deadlift socks on during deadlifts.
  • We will be following IPF style lifting commands. so make sure you are familiar with them or that you are at the orientation.
  • Even though this is a Mock meet, we will still have 3 judges and will be following IPF judging rules.
  • Our gym culture is sacred, so we have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and unsportsmanlike behavior. This meet is about everyone having a great day of liften and community vibes.
As soon as you get the meet, you need to do a few things to make sure you are ready and that the competition table can get the flight ready:
  • First thing you need to do is check in. Visit the competition table, sign the check-in sheet, pick up your attempt cards and check which flight you are lifting in.
  • If you are lifting in a weight class, the next thing you need to do is weigh in. This can be done in the changing rooms upstairs.
  • Next thing you should do is check your rack heights for squat and for bench press. Do a few un-racks to make sure you are safe and comfortable. Write your rack heights down on the sheet.
  • Make sure you start warming up on time. We will have six racks for warming up so as is customary you will be sharing with other lifters.
  • If you have any questions during the meet, visit the competition table and we will help!
Lastly, a few extra things:
  • We will be selling food, drinks, monster energy, coffee, protein bars and such throughout the day.

Use the form below to sign up for the waiting list!

For now this meet is full. But as usual there will most likely be a few cancellations. So sign up below for the waiting list and we will inform you if a spot opens up. First come first served!

Want to help us out and be part of this awesome event?

We need volunteers to make this big awesome meet possible! It takes a group of dope people to make sure the event runs smooth and safely. So we need you! Just like every meet, volunteers get a commemorative shirt, food, drinks, a great experience and our eternal appreciation. We also raffle off a few awesome prizes to the group of volunteers!

We need volunteers for:

  • Spotters and loaders.
  • Competition Table.
  • Judges.
  • Assistant coaches.
  • Cleanup Crew.

So if you want to be part of this awesome event, fill in the form below!