Mock Meet IV was one to remember!

The fourth edition of our annual Mock Meet Competition was truly one for the record books. From the athletes and the lifts to the crowd and the vibe, it was all on another level this year. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did and we hope you are excited for next years event. It’s going to be even bigger & better

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Here are the results of Mock Meet IV.

Women’s -57 Kg Class
1Talitha Guerrero Obando55.59565127.5287.5kg / 633.83lb68.83
Women’s -63 Kg Class
1Milou Drost61.211567.5135317.5kg / 699.97lb70.8
2Denise Luijnenburg59.1102.560130292.5kg / 644.85lb66.82
3Nicole Kreuger60.69547.5117.5260kg / 573.2lb58.37
4Marloes de Wit62.882.552.5125260kg / 573.2lb57
5Dagmar Dokter59.162.537.5100200kg / 440.92lb45.69
Women’s -69 Kg Class
1Gemma Vendel Porras Benites67.7137.582.5175395kg / 870.83lb82.72
2Maaike Brinkhof68.712570175370kg / 815.71lb76.84
3Hannelore Kuif67.582.562.5105250kg / 551.16lb52.44
Women’s -76 Kg Class
1Jaleesha Reiziger72132.575160367.5kg / 810.2lb74.42
2Karen Graciano72.9142.582.5140365kg / 804.7lb73.44
3Angeline Bosma74.812570167.5362.5kg / 799.18lb72.01
4Demi Fortkamp75.512565150340kg / 749.57lb67.24
5Soraya Wessels74.4122.567.5145335kg / 738.55lb66.73
6Kirsten Agricola7511565140320kg / 705.48lb63.49
7Dana Peters75.182.542.5117.5242.5kg / 534.62lb48.08
Women’s -84 Kg Class
1Babette Vaders80.511565170350kg / 771.62lb67.25
2Souzan Jongman78.612567.5125317.5kg / 699.97lb61.64
Women’s 84+ Kg Class
1Nailah Sint Jago103.411560132.5307.5kg / 677.92lb54.37
2Claudia Boers86.76540105210kg / 462.97lb39.19
Men’s -66 Kg Class
1Tommy Troung64.2165102.5185452.5kg / 997.6lb71.58
2Lukas Kraaij65.314090190420kg / 925.94lb65.84
Men’s -74 Kg Class
1Leroy Sinay73.5205135245585kg / 1289.7lb86.19
2Thomas Martoredjo72.2205137.5240582.5kg / 1284.2lb86.62
3Arthur Veenhuijzen74177.5115192.5485kg / 1069.24lb71.2
4Mohammed El Khalfioui72.416097.5170427.5kg / 942.48lb63.48
5Ward Eijkman72.213085180395kg / 870.83lb58.74
6Edwin van Mastrigt72.114565180390kg / 859.8lb58.04
7Mike Ebbers72.611065120295kg / 650.36lb43.74
Men’s -83 Kg Class
1Julius van Hulst81.6185105250540kg / 1190.5lb75.4
2Ian Nijssen83190107.5227.5525kg / 1157.43lb72.67
3Ludwig Bremberg75180127.5210517.5kg / 1140.9lb75.45
4Micheal Minjon81.7177.5127.5207.5512.5kg / 1129.87lb71.51
5Leandro Loman80.1152.5127.5200480kg / 1058.22lb67.65
6Lorenzo van Leeuwen75.7155110210475kg / 1047.2lb68.92
7Wid Alzhraou78.6147.5110215472.5kg / 1041.68lb67.24
8Klaas Kuiper82.5132.5100185417.5kg / 920.43lb57.97
9Calvin Kapers78.915080185415kg / 914.92lb58.95
10Tom van Bavel77.9107.575142.5325kg / 716.5lb46.47
Men’s -93 Kg Class
1Wensley Gajadien91.8260145272.5677.5kg / 1493.63lb89.2
2Alex Lutterman85.7232.5155275662.5kg / 1460.56lb90.24
3Jorrit Jutten92.3225147.5270642.5kg / 1416.47lb84.36
4Sjoerd Dijkstra91.4225137.5237.5600kg / 1322.77lb79.16
5Dzejlan Kalae89.8210125237.5572.5kg / 1262.15lb76.19
6Olivier Selderbeek86.2195120242.5557.5kg / 1229.08lb75.72
7Jasper Hoogenraad90.9195120240555kg / 1223.57lb73.42
8Floran Willemssen90.8190130232.5552.5kg / 1218.05lb73.13
9Sten Luiten91.2180127.5240547.5kg / 1207.03lb72.31
10Niels Krol91.2185120235540kg / 1190.5lb71.32
11Alco van Zoeren90.9180120225525kg / 1157.43lb69.45
12Bas Geluk90.2170125222.5517.5kg / 1140.9lb68.72
13Myron Speijer86.5175115220510kg / 1124.36lb69.15
14Theron Farro89.7170120212.5502.5kg / 1107.82lb66.91
15Xander van der Steen91.8165112.5225502.5kg / 1107.82lb66.16
16Maarten Gooskens86.2172.585200457.5kg / 1008.61lb62.14
17Koen van der Zee92.5120105200425kg / 936.96lb55.75
18Frank van der Straaten90.915092.5160402.5kg / 887.36lb53.25
19Stan Verkaik92.114085175400kg / 881.85lb52.58
20Ruben Hoek91.413580165380kg / 837.76lb50.14
Men’s -105 Kg Class
1Mickey Hart97.9245177.5270692.5kg / 1526.7lb88.37
2Sikko Schnoor100.1265147.5260672.5kg / 1482.61lb84.92
3Stijn Zigterman103.2235135255625kg / 1377.9lb77.79
4Koene Kisjes97225135250610kg / 1344.82lb78.19
5Lars van der Star98215130262.5607.5kg / 1339.31lb77.49
6Davy Groenenberg104.2210120270600kg / 1322.77lb74.34
7Bernd Haaijer102.3205120255580kg / 1278.68lb72.49
8Andries Feijge101.6205135230570kg / 1256.63lb71.47
9Po Tao Xu93.1180122.5245547.5kg / 1207.03lb71.59
10Joep Bergfeld98.7200122.5225547.5kg / 1207.03lb69.6
11Jochem van Harten97.7180127.5215522.5kg / 1151.92lb66.74
12Leonard Kleerekooper100167.5125230522.5kg / 1151.92lb66.01
13Raymon Marinissen100.4185100225510kg / 1124.36lb64.31
14Nick Olink10317592.5225492.5kg / 1085.78lb61.36
15Stijn Reimert95.5167.5105190462.5kg / 1019.64lb59.73
Men’s -120 Kg Class
1Silvan van Leeuwen117.2232.5145265642.5kg / 1416.47lb75.47
2Jens Verhagen108.2200140240580kg / 1278.68lb70.62
3Nick Verkaik106.3170105150425kg / 936.96lb52.17

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We need volunteers for:

  • Spotters and loaders.
  • Competition Table.
  • Judges.
  • Assistant coaches.
  • Cleanup Crew.

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