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legendary meet.

The legend continues.

Our Mock Meet event is now full! Join the waiting list!

Come join the fifth edition of our annual Mock Meet. Every year we bring it back bigger and better and this year is no different. Our mock meets are the perfect way to experience Powerlifting at it’s finest. This meet is for everyone and anyone. We have prizes for the winners but the real prize is the experience itself, so everyone is welcome.

– The meet will be on May 18th
– This is an informal and unofficial powerlifting meet.
– Sign up fee is €30.
– You can compete without weighing in (outside the rankings).
– You are allowed to skip lifts (only bench for example).

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Here is what you need to know!

Groups & Planning

The Mock Meet will be a one-day event this time! In order to accommodate this we will have 2 sets of 3 groups lifting throughout the day.

Morning Groups: Squats starting at the designated times.
At 9:30:: Men's -74 & -83 classes.
At ± 10:00:: Men's -120 & unspecified.
At ± 10:30:: Women's -57, -63 & -69 classes.

Afternoon Groups: Squats starting at the designated times.
At 13:30:: Women's -76, -84, +84, & Men's-66 class.
At ± 14:00:: Men's -93 class
At ± 14:30:: Men's -93 & -105 classes.

A Mock Meet is only as good as it's volunteers!

Come be a part of this awesome event!

We need volunteers to make this big awesome meet possible! It takes a group of dope people to make sure the event runs smooth and safely. So we need you! Just like every meet, volunteers get a commemorative shirt, food, drinks, a great experience and our eternal appreciation. 

We need volunteers for:

  • Spotters and loaders.
  • Competition Table.
  • Judges.
  • Assistant coaches.
  • Cleanup Crew.

So if you want to be part of this awesome event, fill in the form below!