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Since Powerlifting has become more popular over the years, there is an overflow in coaching options.

We have been the gym for Powerlifting and have the right coaches who have the experience and skillset to get you to reach your utmost potential by performing the best Squat, Bench and Deadlift possible!

Master the big three

Trust us with the details of your strength journey while you focus on putting in the work. We’ll uplift you to your fullest potential.

Our approach is athlete-centric, data-driven, and deeply committed to fostering strong relationships and coaching the whole athlete.

Powerlifting is more than a set of numbers. It’s about your lifting technique, mindset, nutrition, and habits that will shape you as an athlete for the rest of your life. 

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Coaching done right.

Working with a dedicated and experienced coach is one of the best ways that you 
can prioritise your goals. We have worked with hundreds of athletes and enthusiasts to help
them get the most out of their training and live up to their potential.

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What is the
Iron Athlete Program?

We focus on long-term, not short term. Powerlifting is not meant to get injuries from, but to perform for a long period of time. The longer you take, the stronger you become. There is never a quick solution to becoming stronger, it takes time and we are there to help you along the way. 

Our coaching is one of a kind coaching service where we combine online coaching with one-on-one personal coaching. While online coaching can only provide contact and training from a distance, we believe the most to be achieved during the one on one personal sessions with your coach.

The right goals and mindset to make you a better athlete and a stronger individual.

The right training program and workout planning for you and your goals.

Is Iron Athlete coaching for you?

What we help our athletes and clients with.

With over 7 years of experience we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients and athletes on their goals and themselves. Great coaching is not only about lifting and training goals, but also about growing as an individuals.
We love helping people with: 

  • People who want to improve their technique and learn to lift safely in order to lift big.
  •  People who are stuck in their training and their progress and want to keep improving.
  • People who want to experience powerlifting and strength training for the first time.
  • Powerlifters wanting to take their training to the next level and/or get ready for a powerlifting meet.
  • People who want expert guidance and coaching working up to and during a meet.

You just lift, let us handle the rest.

The right coaching for any budget.

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