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Why join an online coaching program?

The biggest reason why people don’t achieve their goals is a lack of motivation and support. We make it easy to have enough of both! Our coaching programs are for people who want the expertise of a coach, the support of a community and the right tools for training.

What is an online coaching program?

Our Coaching Programs are brand new way or training. They are online training programs for people who have a training goal but need extra support and a clear plan. An easy, effective and engaging program makes it easier than ever to train and achieve your fitness goals. Each program has a central goal, a dedicated coach and specific features. 

Do you want to reboot your training lifestyle and join a community of people who share and support your goals? Then our coaching programs are for you.


Goal Focussed.

Each program is based on a specific training and fitness goal in the gym. The coach, the training style, the methodology are all based on optimising that goal.

Weekly Program Update

Get your weekly training program through our app. You can easily follow, track and score your workouts as you train.

Weekly Coaching Videos.

Start each week with a video from your coach with training explanations, pro-tips and important details.

Program Handbook.

For every new training block you will receive a handbook with a detailed explanation of the training program, the do's and don'ts, additional references and everything you need to run the program.

You can try our online coaching programs for free for the month of June!

How does it work?

1.  Choose your goal.

Choose the goals and training program that suit you the best.

2.  Join a Program!

Sign up, and join your coach!

3.  Get access.

Get access to the coaching app and all the relevant online platforms and tools.

4.  Start Training

Get your goal-specific training program and orientation coaching videos and start training.

5.  Maximize.

Track your progress in the app, watch the weekly coaching videos and use the program handbook to make the most our of the training

JOIN An online Coaching PROGRAM.

Choose the program and the goal that suits you best!
Each group has its own coach, program and features. You can join and start whenever you like!


If you are just starting off in the gym or taking your first steps in Strength Training then this program is made for you! We give you everything you need to be an Iron House level gym goers, where you know how to lift, you understand how and when to train what and how to feel comfortable and confident in the gym. A great place to start your fitness and strength journey!

Free for the month of June!

The Classic Powerlifting Program

What I love about powerlifting is it’s simplicity with just 3 lifts, while also offering almost infinite room for progression and improvement that’s very tangible, as you just lift more weight. I’ve now been strength training for 10 years, 6 of which I’ve spent training mostly for and competing in powerlifting and even now I still get stronger each year. I love this process because not only is lifting more weight than you ever have fun, it can also build confidence and teach you things that you can apply to other aspects of life.

Free for the month of June!

The Functional STRENGTH Program

If you want to be a functionally fit and strong individual, then this program is for you. With a new focus every 4 weeks this program keeps you motivated while you build your fundamental strength and increase your capacity to move. You should be able to lift heavy and move well in any situation. That's the functional formula we live by.

Free for the month of june!