We help you cut through the noise and  focus on what truly works for you in our personal training.
Let us help you find the right training and lifestyle that brings you results.

Stop dreaming about the best version of yourself and start working on it.
No nonsense, just real guidance, real workouts and real results.

Your health and fitness should be the best investment you will ever make.
Life gets easier, when you get stronger.


If this is you, then let’s chat about how we can take the first step, together

It's your time to invest in health, strength & longevity.

Your body is the most important thing you will ever have. 
So you want to take care of it, and we can help with that. No need to continue searching. 

Investing in your physical health is an investment in your overall quality of life.

We start with a free assessment

The first session is on us!

We go over our comprehensive assessment protocol in which we evaluate your current level of fitness, strength and coordination. This will be our baseline. 

From there, we will design a thoroughly personalised coaching plan & training program that are completely catered to your goals and needs.

As we train together and start getting stronger and fitter, we assess, update and finetune as we go. We make sure everything you are doing makes sense and is goal focussed. You just have to show up.

We evaluate 4 things:

Your goals.
Your goals come first. We take your goals and dissect them into their component parts and make them actionable.
A strong body can achieve any goal. Once we know your starting point we can design a logical program for progress.
Cardio capacity.
Your cardio needs to keep up with your training. We check where your conditioning is at and how we need to reinforce it.
Movement & Coordination.
Effective training comes from effective movement. We check if your ability to move properly is working with you or against you.

Hear from our Personal Training Members.


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Fun way of training


I can recommend the PT programmes at IH to anyone, especially if you want to feel stronger and and more energetic. Working out with Darryl really helped me develop my strength and to train more effectively, with a weekly routine. During my pregnancy this was a huge bonus, as I could train to full term and hardly had any of the typical pains and aches. My recovery was also much easier than expected.



My technique has substantially improved and the trainingsprogram that is created works very good. I learned a lot of new stretches, movements and expanded my knowledge about strength training. Love the vibe Finn manages to create and there is always a good balance of serious training and fun.



My goals were to get a gym routine and continuously improve while taking into account my knee-injuries. I definitely established those goals. Leontine was a good fit to my more casual approach to powerlifting. She was good in working around my injuries and we were able to get improvements despite the injuries; I stayed motivated this way.

No bullshit.
Just real goal-focussed training.

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Happy and satisfied personal training clients .

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Years experience and expertise in helping people achieve their goals.

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Training method expertise such as: sport performance, pre- and post-natal training, strength training, nutritional expertises and more.

Our Personal Training memberships include:

1x session per week.

325 per 4 weeks

2x sessions per week.

550 per 4 weeks

DUO training. 1x P.w.

575 2 people per 4 weeks

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