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Achieving health and fitness goals is different for every person. Some of us need a little extra help. Whether that is with finding a balance between life and fitness, finding the right training style, eating right or building good healthy habits.

Ultimately we all want to feel better in our own skin. We want to feel fit, strong, capable and proud of the body we have. And we want to achieve this while also enjoying the journey. We are here to help you do just that.

Our personal trainers can help you achieve your goals. We start with designing the ideal training program for you, one that you enjoy while it pushes you. Then we take a look at your nutrition and your recovery. Next we help you build healthy habits and routines into your day and weeks. We start training and you start improving.

With this combination we have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals. We provide an effective blend goal of focussed training, easy to use tools and lots of personal support. 

We are here and we are ready to help. 

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Step 1


It all starts with your goals. Together we sit down and create a tailor made plan just for you. We take a broad number of factors into consideration to make sure your training and lifestyle keep you excited and motivated.

Step 2


Next you will receive your training program and your workout routine. We also provide guidance and suggestion on nutrition, recovery and lifestyle. Together, these components will be the basis of your journey.

Step 3


You will get weekly 1-on-1 training sessions with your coach in the gym. We plan ahead to make sure your sessions are reserved. Together with your coach you will develop your technique, training style and mindset.

Step 4


With these components we create a system of support and guidance that improves your lifestyle. You will love your workouts and it will become a great part of your week. That's how we help you achieve your goals.


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Included in the personal training membership:

  • Unlimited access to the gym.
  • One or two 1-on-1 sessions of 60 minutes with your personal trainer.
  • Custom made program for individual training sessions.
  • Flexibility to train whenever you like.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle guidance.
  • An experienced and enthusiastic trainer!

1x per week

Personal Training
325 per 4 weeks

2x per week

Personal Training
550 per 4 weeks



Darryl gives intense workouts and is our technique expert. His big voice and personality is always ready to motivate and encourage. Darryl has years of experience helping people find the best in themselves.


Fleur is our firm but fair personal trainer. Fleur is a pro at helping you break old habits and develop new healthy ones. From athletes to business professionals, Fleur knows how to build a strong and fit lifestyle.


Myron is just about the nicest guy you will ever meet. He is calm, clear and patient but knows how to challenge you. He takes the time to help you find your optimal training. He is also our weightlifting and Crossfit expert.

Vrouwelijke personal trainer


Leontine is our Powerlifting and strength coach. She has competed at the international level and has years powerlifting experience. She is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals, whether thats in strength, fitness or lifestyle.


Roy is our other resident Powerlifting expert. He has a true passion for the sport of powerlifting and has keen eye for strength and technique. From fundamentals to the details, Roy is dedicated to getting your results.


Finn is our young all around fitness trainer. No matter what the goal is, Finn can help you achieve it. His positive attitude and training skills make it easy to enjoy every workout and develop an effective training style.


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