"Classic Powerlifting"
GOAL group!

Join coach Roy’s Powerlifting group and
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Facts about
the program

Beginner & moderate.

The goal: 
Become a better powerlifter

up to 4 training sessions per week

12 Week training Blocks

Do you want to become a better powerlifter?

Join Coach Roy and his goal group to learn how to become a powerlifter and improve your and break your PRs for the squat, bench and deadlift. 

This program focuses on building solid fundamentals and technique for the main lifts and building a strong foundation of strength through accessory exercises. Roy has been coaching powerlifters for a long time and has developed a simple but effective method that works for lifters of all levels of experience.

Why you should join this group

What I love about powerlifting is it’s simplicity with just 3 lifts, while also offering almost infinite room for progression and improvement that’s very tangible, as you just lift more weight. I’ve now been strength training for 10 years, 6 of which I’ve spent training mostly for and competing in powerlifting and even now I still get stronger each year. I love this process because not only is lifting more weight than you ever have fun, it can also build confidence and teach you things that you can apply to other aspects of life.

If these are things you’d like as well you’re looking to get stronger and start your powerlifting journey then this is a great place to start!

This group includes:

Weekly Training PROGRAM

Get your weekly training program through our app. You can easily follow, track and score your workouts as you train.

Weekly coaching videos

Start each week with a video from your coach with training explanations, pro-tips and important details.

Monthly Newsletter

Get extra training tips from the coach! You'll receive a newsletter with a ton of great information and lessons.

Online Community page

Join the groups private Facebook community page to share experiences, ask questions and meet your fellow group members.

Program Handbook.

For every new training block you will receive a handbook with a detailed explanation of the training program, the do's and don'ts, additional references and everything you need to run the program.

Our coaching groups are a whole new way to train.

If you have a training goal and want the support of a coach and a community, then our coaching groups are for you. Our coaching groups provide everything you need to not only achieve your training goals, but also enjoy and thrive.

Your health and fitness should be built on strong and enjoyable habits. Our coaching groups are a great way to build those habits. 

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Each group has it’s own set of features, but every group includes a weekly training program, weekly coaching video and an online communityh group.

You can join the program at any time. Each person starts the program on week 1 and runs the program accordingly. You are still part of the overall group and share the experience together. You can start the program whenever you like!

After signing up you will receive access to the app and all other platforms. You will also receive a welcome email with all the relevant information about the program.

When you sign up you sign up for the monthly subscription. A dutch bank account is needed for the monthly automatic withdrawal. Payment is due at the start of every month for access to that coming month.