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 Iron House Co. is a gym, a community and a brand that came out of the desire to create the best possible training environment and the best place for everyone who loves strength and training. We combine a wide selection of high quality equipment, a motivating and stimulating environment and a strong sense of community and passion to provide lifters, athletes and clients of all levels of experience with a gym they can call their home.

Our Gym and Community


We are a gym for all strength sports. Whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder, weightlifter, strongman, a sport specific athlete, a crossfitter or a recreational lifter or anything in between, you are welcome here. We have a wide range of equipment and space for athletes of all sports and people of all levels.


One of the best parts of our gym is our community. As we cater to so many different athletes and people, we have cultivated a large and diverse group of motivated people who share in each others passion for training. Moreover, our members share in our philosophy of "Lift hard, grow together'.


We firmly believe in creating a space where you can learn, improve and grow. Guidance and coaching is a critical aspect of this and we offer many options from technique classes to small group training as well as personal training and competition training and coaching. We learn together and grow together.


What we do

Personal Training

Our Personal Training method combines our understanding of your goals, our effective training methods, nutritional and lifestyle coaching and a no-nonsense philosophy into a plan and program designed for you and your needs. We guide you to your stronger, fitter and healthier self!

Iron Athlete Program

Our Iron Athlete program is our one of a kind coaching service for both competitive strength athletes as well as people who want a tailor made plan, program and additional one-on-one coaching session. Our program consists of custom programming, 2 coaching session a month and more!

Choose your membership!

1 Month Membership

per month
  • €45 for students
  • Full Open Gym
  • All our Classes
  • Community Events
  • Seminars & Workshops

3 Month Membership

per month
  • €40 for students
  • Full Open Gym
  • All our Classes
  • Community Events
  • Seminars & Workshops

12 Month Membership

per month
  • €35 for students
  • Full Open Gym
  • All our Classes
  • Community Events
  • Seminars & Workshops

1 year Membership

single payment
  • €400 for students
  • Full Open Gym
  • All our Classes
  • Community Events
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Free Iron House Shirt
Getting stronger, fitter, faster and healthier.
Putting in the work is the name of the game. It's not always easy, it's not always fun (it mostly is though), but you gotta get it done. 
No one can give it to you, you have to get to the gym and EARN it.

So go forth and lift heavy.

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  • A super fun way to get warmed up for a dope #POWERHOUR And also a good way to build trust among participants! #dontletgo
With nearly every PowerHour class fully booked we are definitely looking forward to all the new additions and updates coming in September!

Want to learn more about #PowerHour?
Check the link in the Bio!

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  • Iron House Co. The gym for all lifters and all lifts.

We are proud of our ability to provide nearly every type of strength athlete and client with the equipment, atmosphere and space they need to work hard on their goals.

Everyone can lift, so everyone is welcome.
Lift hard. Grow together.

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The PowerHour sessions continue to grow more popular! The workouts keep getting better, the members keep getting stronger and faster, the waiting list keeps growing,  so we have gotta keep that train going!

From September 3rd we will be introducing the newest big update to our popular group training class! More classes, new gear, online registration, leaderboard challenges, new skills, bigger better stronger!

Stay tuned for more updates!
Want more information on PowerHour?
Link the the Bio!

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  • [swipe ➡️➡️] Being a trainer, coach or fitness instructor is about understanding your clients/athletes needs and providing the right tool for the job.
Everyone is different. Every goals is unique. Every need deserves focus and attention. 
Gotta know when to push, when to pull back and when to switch it up. 
Long term goals & short term achievements.

And sometimes you throw difficult and heavy workouts at someone like Bart and they just eat it up 💪🏽🔥. #personaltraining #ironhouseco #PT #strengthandconditioning #trainer #coach #begeleiding #utrecht #fitness #fitnl #fitdutchies  #utrechtpowerlifting #powerlifting #utrechtsstrongestgym #ironhouseutrecht
  • Why do expats choose Iron House whenever they are in town?
Our flexible memberships and day passes make it as easy as possible to get a great workout in.
Couple that with our expert coaches, expansive assortment of training equipment and incredibly motivating atmosphere and you have yourself the best place to get your training in.
Whether you're in town for a day, a week or a month.

Come get it in!

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  • In just a bit more than a month we will have been in business for 2 years! 2 amazing years of Iron House awesomeness 🔥
We can't wait to celebrate it with our members!
(Members, check the Facebook community page for the event!) #teamironhouse #ironhousecommunity #ironhouseco #anniversary #party #celebration #community #ironfamily #team #utrechtpowerlifting #utrechtsstrongestgym #utrechtgym
  • #POWERHOUR 5x per week!
PowerHour is our premier strength and conditioning group training class where we combine various strength sports and training methods into a challenging and exciting 1-hour workout. 
There is a new workout nearly every session. Such as one of our favorites!: -Turf drills for rounds! - suicide runs - bear crawls - small crawls - abduction walks - single leg lunge jump - gorillas -BenchPress: - complete technique breakdown and demo.  1) work up to a daily "competition style" 1 rep.  2) AMRAP @80% of your 1 rep.  3) AMRAP @50% of your 1 rep, slow negative. -Finisher: "Muscle Beach"  Starting at 8 reps and adding 1 rep every round for 10 rounds. - Hex plate pullover. - Plate around the world. - Plate curls. - Plate overhead tricep extensions.

Want to try out a class? First time is free!
Send us a DM and we can sign you up!

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Feel free to contact us!

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Email: info@ironhouseco.com   Phone: 030 245 1667

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