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 Iron House Co. is a gym, a community and a brand that came out of the desire to create the best possible training environment and the best place for everyone who loves strength and training. We combine a wide selection of high quality equipment, a motivating and stimulating environment and a strong sense of community and passion to provide lifters, athletes and clients of all levels of experience with a gym they can call their home.

Our Gym and Community


We are a gym for all strength sports. Whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder, weightlifter, strongman, a sport specific athlete, a crossfitter or a recreational lifter or anything in between, you are welcome here. We have a wide range of equipment and space for athletes of all sports and people of all levels.


One of the best parts of our gym is our community. As we cater to so many different athletes and people, we have cultivated a large and diverse group of motivated people who share in each others passion for training. Moreover, our members share in our philosophy of "Lift hard, grow together'.


We firmly believe in creating a space where you can learn, improve and grow. Guidance and coaching is a critical aspect of this and we offer many options from technique classes to small group training as well as personal training and competition training and coaching. We learn together and grow together.


What we do

Personal Training

Our Personal Training method combines our understanding of your goals, our effective training methods, nutritional and lifestyle coaching and a no-nonsense philosophy into a plan and program designed for you and your needs. We guide you to your stronger, fitter and healthier self!

Iron Athlete Program

Our Iron Athlete program is our one of a kind coaching service for both competitive strength athletes as well as people who want a tailor made plan, program and additional one-on-one coaching session. Our program consists of custom programming, 2 coaching session a month and more!

Choose your membership!

When you join Iron House you are joining both a gym as well as a community of lifters, movers, fitness enthusiast and athletes.

We want to make sure that regardless of your level of experience you start off STRONG! A new membership at Iron House includes:

– Free introduction training program.

– Free ‘Goals & Motivation’ consultation sit-down.

– Complementary on-boarding classes.

1 Month Membership

per month
  • €45 for students
  • Full Open Gym
  • All our Classes
  • Community Events
  • Seminars & Workshops

3 Month Membership

per month
  • €40 for students
  • Full Open Gym
  • All our Classes
  • Community Events
  • Seminars & Workshops

12 Month Membership

per month
  • €35 for students
  • Full Open Gym
  • All our Classes
  • Community Events
  • Seminars & Workshops

1 year Membership

single payment
  • €400 for students
  • Full Open Gym
  • All our Classes
  • Community Events
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Free Iron House Shirt
  • Come get your SQUAT ON!
Nothing like doing more squat reps than you can count. But even during our strength and conditioning classes we make sure to work on and help you improve your technique on all lifts and movements. Because it should be quality first and quantity second. And if you do it right you can have both πŸ’ͺ🏽 #powerhour #squat #squattraining #ironhouseco #strengthandconditioning #strengthculture #groepsles #conditioning #strength #hiit #utrechtsstrongestgym #utrecht #makeutrechtstronger
  • And that's a wrap for the last Competition Weekend of the year, DRC Cup 2018.
And needless to say that it was a great weekend for our team.
We were super happy to see @su.tje back in competition mode. She had to make the best of a tricky situation but as always she put her best foot forward and lifted like a champ for 3rd place win.
For @samaraparker it was a great first competition. New things and new feelings when lifting at your first meet but we are so proud of how great she did and her second place win! We can't wait to see her grow stronger for her next comp!
And for one of our lastest additions to the team @mirandavdp1980 it was also an awesome first meet together. She has been lifting for a while and our first time together was absolutely awesome. Super happy with her 3rd place win, super happy to have her!
@the_bearvis had a hell of a fight getting ready for this competition. Training and programming worked like a charm, but moving down a weight class was a tricky experiment. The competition did not go as planned but we stuck with it and he did his best for a 3rd place win! Dervis is one to watch out for. So much progress coming down the pipeline.
For @jacquelinelikes it was also her first competition and she did great. Your first comp is never easy but she put her best foot forward and had a great first meet. Super proud!
This was also the first meet as an Iron Athlete for the big boy himself @bob_tillemans who's last name says it all. This guy is just made for lifting things. He had an awesome meet and went 9/9. Was super fun coaching him as well πŸ’ͺ🏽.
For @rowan.adelaar it was a rather unexpected day. Things didn't click right and didn't go our way. She had a great squat session which was important to us but the bench didn't want to work. It happens sometimes but it doesn't take away from the hard work and effort she put in and we are super proud of her for taking it like a champ.

All in all it was a great weekend for our Iron Family and we took home 4 wins. Now to get ready to send our monsters to Nationals.πŸ’ͺ🏽 #lifthardgrowtogether #teamironhouse #ironhousepowerlifting #ironhousepowerliftingteam #powerliftingnederland #ipf #knkf #krachtsportnl
  • And tomorrow starts the last competition weekend of the year! For some it'll be the first competition as Iron Athletes, for others it's a chance to qualify for Nationals. For one it's a much welcomed comeback πŸ”₯.
But for all of us it's gonna be a great weekend of PRs, big lifts, teamwork and great vibes.
Our athletes are awesome, the teamwork is awesome and whenever we roll up on a competition scene it's awesome. Looking forward to shining together as we always do ❀️ #lifthardgrowtogether 
#ironhouseco #teamironhouse #powerliftingnederland #powerlifting #ironhousepowerliftingteam #knkf #ironathlete #ironathleteprogram #competitionweekend #drccup2018 #utrechtsstrongestgym
  • This #PowerHour was particularly spicy πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Main workout was a 16min workout: 30sec on - 30sec off, switching between Sumo Deadlifts and weighted overhead box step ups. 
And some point you don't even know which one sucks the most you just gotta keep moving haha.

#powerhour #deadlift #sumodeadlift #powerlifting #strengthandconditioning #groepsles #grouptraining #workout #hiit #lifting #lifthardgrowtogether
  • Put that body to WORK!
Nothing like overhead slamball squats to make you want to yell at @taisiqmarchena when he's coaching a #PowerHour session 🀣🀣.
But our badass PowerHour regular @nicoletdj can't handle though!

PoweHour = Strength & Conditioning the Iron House way πŸ’ͺ🏽 Want to try out a session? Shoot us a message and we can sign you up for a free trail class!

#ironhouseco #teamironhouse #strengthandconditioning #workout #training #strengthtraining #conditioning #hiit #grouptraining #groepsles #fitness #gym #fitnl
  • Happy Monday everyone!
Remember to start your week off strong!
Strong like @severensjeppe and his super casual and nonchalant squat PR of 225kg haha.
I remember the first time I noticed how great of a squatter Jeppe is. Dude was repping I think 195kg like it was nothing!

We pride ourselves on being a gym for people of all levels of experience. But sometimes it's also beautiful to see how many stupidly strong people we have here. πŸ’ͺ🏽 #teamironhouse #ironhouseco #squat #PR #utrechtsstrongestgym #ironhouseutrecht #gym #fitness #fitnl #strongdutchies #powerliftingnederland #powerliften #powerlifting #ironhousemonsters #bigbois
Super duper happy with how great #ironathlete Miranda has been doing since she has started. Strength gains, technique improvements, no issues from past injuries and today absolutely killing her openers!
Can't wait to see her lift next week!

With the last Powerlifting competition of the year just a week away we are putting the final touches on months of prep.Tapering testing openers, going over the game day battle plan, getting into the right head space and laying on that last layer of trust between coach and athlete. We are always all-in when it comes to our athletes; body, mind and soul. 
Competitions are as exciting as they are stressful. We do our best to make sure our boys and girls are completely taken care of, comfortable and motivated to get the job done. So far it's a winning strategy πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ #drccup2018 #competition #compprep #powerliftingnederland #powerliften #powerlifting #teamironhouse #ironhousepowerliftingteam #knkf #ipf #squat #barisloaded #lifthardgrowtogether #ironathleteprogram
  • It might not be as bright and sunny these days, but the work still needs to done!
The barbell is still loaded, folks!
We are happy to have members who do not let anything get between them and the gym.
Whether it's hot, cold, raining or storming, our Iron Family still get their asses to the gym and get it done!

#ironhouseco #teamironhouse #ironfamily #gettothegym #barisloaded #dumbbells #utrecht #utrechtsstrongestgym #ironhouseutrecht

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