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Unlimited access to all our classes, Power Hour and Powerlifting: Tehnique and Strength Training!

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Unlimited access to the open gym and all equipment!

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As an Iron House Member you can join various events that we organize throughout the year!

Lift hard. Grow together.

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Experience 'Lift hard, Grow together'. Together with other participants and your coach you will take on our challenging Outlift Zeus program.

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16 weeks, 4 training cycles, 4 nutrition workshops. We offer you a complete training and learning experience to take your fitness to the next level

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  • Pictures of the Iron House Mock Meet II are all uploaded to our Facebook page! Feel free to use the pictures for your social media! A tag is always appreciated.

Unfortunately we could not take a picture of everyone and every lift but we hope these pictures will serve as a fond memory of a great day of lifting together!

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  • Here are the adjusted opening hours for the coming holiday season! 
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  • Iron House Mock Meet II champions!
In our eyes all the lifters from  are champions in their own way! Smashing PRs, overcoming nerves, taking chances on attempts and just coming to lift in front of a crowd are victories in themselves. But we also believe in healthy competition!

Best grind 'maximum effort' : @zillahya 
Best Technique : @idunazjb 
Best Male lifter : @dutchgingerviking 
Best Female lifter : @azzora 
Every victory, triumph and attempt should be celebrated. Take pride in your big wins and take joy in all the small ones in between. They are all part of you and your growth.

#champions #winners #teamironhouse #ironhouseco #ironhousemockmeet #ironhousecommunity #ironhousemockmeet2 #powerliftingmeet #powerlifting #lifthardgrowtogether #utrecht #utrechtsstrongestgym #goforthandliftheavy
  • Iron House Mock Meet II was absolutely DOPE!
What an awesome awesome day. We had such an amazing atmosphere in the gym. From the lifters to the volunteers to the spectators, we are so happy with how it turned out and that we trumped the last meet in every way. We are unbelievably impressed with the talent that lifted at this meet. So many new lifters with great potential, so many heavy hitters and so many great, friendly and motivated people.

And as always we could not have done this without the help of our wonderful volunteers who not only are always ready to help but who do so with quality, style and a smile. We have the best people here. Period. End of story ❤️💪🏽 From the bottom of my hearts we want to thank every single person who was a part of the days and that made the meet one for the books.
Thank you for in your own way being part of our strength culture. We will continue to make out meets bigger, better and more fun with every edition, so stay tuned for Iron House Mock Meet III. 
More pictures coming in the following days!

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