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 Iron House Co. is a gym, a community and a brand that came out of the desire to create the best possible training environment and the best place for everyone who loves strength and training. We combine a wide selection of high quality equipment, a motivating and stimulating environment and a strong sense of community and passion to provide lifters, athletes and clients of all levels of experience with a gym they can call their home.

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  • €45 for students
  • Full Open Gym
  • All our Classes
  • Community Events
  • Seminars & Workshops

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  • Full Open Gym
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  • Free Iron House Shirt

When you join Iron House you are joining both a gym as well as a community of lifters, movers, fitness enthusiast and athletes.

We want to make sure that regardless of your level of experience you start off STRONG! A new membership at Iron House includes:

– Free introduction training program.

– Free ‘Goals & Motivation’ consultation sit-down.

– Complementary on-boarding classes.

Our Gym and Community


We are a gym for all strength sports. Whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder, weightlifter, strongman, a sport specific athlete, a crossfitter or a recreational lifter or anything in between, you are welcome here. We have a wide range of equipment and space for athletes of all sports and people of all levels.


One of the best parts of our gym is our community. As we cater to so many different athletes and people, we have cultivated a large and diverse group of motivated people who share in each others passion for training. Moreover, our members share in our philosophy of "Lift hard, grow together'.


We firmly believe in creating a space where you can learn, improve and grow. Guidance and coaching is a critical aspect of this and we offer many options from technique classes to small group training as well as personal training and competition training and coaching. We learn together and grow together.


What we do

Personal Training

Our Personal Training method combines our understanding of your goals, our effective training methods, nutritional and lifestyle coaching and a no-nonsense philosophy into a plan and program designed for you and your needs. We guide you to your stronger, fitter and healthier self!

Iron Athlete Program

Our Iron Athlete program is our one of a kind coaching service for both competitive strength athletes as well as people who want a tailor made plan, program and additional one-on-one coaching session. Our program consists of custom programming, 2 coaching session a month and more!

  • #POWERHOUR workout Jan 10th
Main workout: 20min AMRAP
-10 slamball squats (5&5)
-10 slamball presses (5&5)
-10 tire hops to burpee (1by1)

This was such an awesome workout. The combination of movements is great for having to push through and muscle your way through your rounds. Our guys and girls did a fantastic job on this one! 💪🏽💪🏽
Great to see full classes, new faces and lots of work being done.

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  • It's Monday. Start the week off right.
Get your ass to the gym and pick up something heavy.

Happy Monday y'all!

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  • @the_deadliftbear 305kgx1x3
Gotta love getting footage of Berend lifting. This guy is focussed, dedicated and meticulous. Such passion for lifting and training. 
Excited to see the new Powerlifting projects that he will be heading up for us 💪🏽. Super proud that he joined the team.

#deadliftbear #coachberend #ironhouseco #teamironhouse #ironhousepowerlifting #ironathlete #knkf #dutchpowerlifting #powerliften #powerliftingnederland #ipf #deadlift #powerlifting
  • 10 Rounds of:
- 10 Alternating landmine reverse lunges
- 10 Alternating Landmine Split Jerk
- 10 Romanian Deadlifts
- 10 Bentover Row
1:30 min to complete, 1:00 to rest.

When coach says 'Go', you GO! 
F*CK your exhaustion, push through, persevere, earn your progress, go.🔥 #powerhour

#ironhouseco #strengthandconditioning #strengthculture #ironhouseutrecht #teamironhouse #teampowerhour #grouptraining #groepsles #fitnl #fitdutchies #strongdutchies #utrecht
  • Iron House Mock Meet II.
After the massive success of our first meet  and the high demand for a new one we are proud to announce our second Powerlifting Mock Meet! This informal Powerlifting competition is for both beginner and experienced lifters from all strength sports. Its the best way to experience the greatest strength sport there is and test out your Squat, Bench and Deadlift. 
We promise a highly motivating atmosphere, a full crew of spotters and loaders for your safety, meet orientation and guidance before the meet starts and Beers and Burgers to celebrate!

Don't miss out! If you ever wanted to try out a Powerlifting meet or set new PRs in a great way join up now!

Limited spots available! Link in the BIO.

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  • What are YOU doing on your Saturday mornings?
Are you killing it in the gym?
Are you foccused on your goals?
Do you believe in lifting first and chilling after?

Let us show you how much fun it can be in the gym on the weekends.
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  • Home is where the Iron is.
Iron House Gym Utrecht.

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  • More weight. More reps. More effort. More confidence.

@mattpowerlifting hitting 195kg for 3s. He did 200 after but I had to spot because safety first. 💪🏽
Spotters on point. 
#ironhouseco #powerliftingnederland #powerliften #powerlifting #ipf #squat #bench #deadlift #utrechtsstrongestgym #teamironhouse #liftheavylivehappy

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