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Our story begins several years ago. During a summer break, while working out at a commercial gym, we realized that there are many things wrong with the method and execution of the fitness chains here in The Netherlands. At that time in Utrecht it was either train at a commercial gym or go to a sport specific gym or Crossfit box. There just wasn’t a proper gym where you have everything you need to train whatever you wanted. And as business students at the time, we decided to change that. We embarked on our journey to start our first company during the final year of our International Business and Management Studies. It was also convenient that we found a way to use starting a company as a means for our graduation process. And so we did.
As we finished our final year we specialized our subjects, learned as much as we could, did the research, walked the walked and talked the talked and after graduating we realized we were in deep and definitely had to follow through. From then till when we opened our doors we did nothing but work hard, learn and apply. From business permits to the keys to the building we were insistent on doing as much as we could ourselves. From the administrative work to painting the walls and assembling equipment. We put a lot of love and dedication into creating a place we knew so many people would call their home.
And here we are. We have created the perfect strength gym. We have created a gym for any and all athletes of all sports and all levels of experience. We have created a place where different people from different walks of life come together and share in each others passion for strength training and fitness. And one of our greatest achievements is our community. From our Powerlifting Team to our average member we are blessed with genuinely kind, warm, passionate and friendly people. Together we train hard and inspire each other to become stronger versions of ourselves. Both physically and mentally.
We lift hard and grow together.



Most frequent questions and answers

The Opening times are from:

Mon – Fri: 06:30AM – 00:00AM

Sat – Sun: 08:00AM – 18:00PM

For the adjusted hours of Holiday and special events, please check our social media platforms for further information.

1 Month Memberships:
General: €55,- per month / Student: €45,- per month

3 Month Memberships:
General: €45,- per month / Student: €40,- per month

12 Month Memberships:
General: €40,- per month / Student: €35,-

1 Year Memberships:
General: €450,- single payment/ Student: €400,-

Please check on the Memberships & services page for more information

The following are included in your membership:

  • Access to all the Classes
  • Full Open Gym access
  • Community page and events
  • Workshops and seminars

You can sign up for a class online on the classes and workshops page! If you still have a question regarding the classes, please send us an email!

Yes, you can still sign up for a class if you are not a member! However, the prices for the classes are different from a regular day pass. 

For the Powerlifting Class: €15,-

For the #POWERHOUR Class: €10,-

Yes, of course you can! We welcome lifters from all levels of experience. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, everyone is welcome!

Yes, you can drop in at your convenience! We have day passes here of €5,- that you can buy at the front desk.

Yes, we offer guidance and coaching. For our members, you can join all the classes for technique, instructions, motivation and much more!

For additional coaching, please refer to our Iron Athlete page for more information.

For Personal Training, please refer to our Personal training page for more information

Yes, yes and yes! You are allowed to drop the weight only if neccessary and it has to be on the designated area where weights can be dropped i.e. you’re doing deadlifts and you have to drop it? Do it on the Deadlift platforms.

If you are coming from Utrecht Central Station you can take the following busses:

Bus 3 Direction Zuilen – step out at the busstop: Muyskenweg and walk a few minutes to Iron House.

Bus 5 Direction Maarsen through Zuilen – step out the busstop: Prins Bernhardplein and walk a few minutes to Iron House.

Bus 120 Direction Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena – step out at the busstop: Weth D.M. de Plompstraat. You are then right in front of Iron House.

Yes there is free parking available. We have our own parking alongside the building but you can also park across the street for free!

During the morning and afternoon hours it is relatively less busy. The busiest hours vary often and through the weekend they are spread out throughtout the day. But usually speaking, the busiest times are from:

Monday to Wendesday – Between 17:30PM- 21:00PM


If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message!

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