10 week strongman group training | STarting OCt. 6th


Our BERESTERKUR program is for everyone who wants to experience the oldest and purest form of strength training, Strongman. Together with your group and your coach you will lift and train like a true strongman or strongwoman. We will teach you the technique and mindset to tackle the most popular strongman movements and implements.

How does it work?

The BERESTERKUR program is a 10 week group training program consisting of coaching sessions, programming for independent training, workshops and more. Under the guidance of coach Berend you will learn to train for maximum strength and power.


Every week on Sunday you, your group and your coach will cover various aspects of the strongman lifts and focus on improving your technique and execution of the lift. It’s about learning but also about training heavy!

Train for strength, speed & POwer

Included in the program is a training protocol that you can do on your own time. The protocol is designed specifically to compliment the coaching sessions and to make you a better and stronger lifter.

Test yourself

At the end of the program on week 10 we will hold a mini competition style event-day to show you how much you have improved and how strong you have become. We will test your max strength as well as your ability to take on challenges.



– 10 week program

– Weekly Coaching Session

– Weekly Training Protocols

– Competition Style event-day to finish

–  Expert Workshop

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