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  • Strength training

When it comes to strength training, injuries can easily slow or even stop your progress. With Fortis fysio’s specialization  in treating and providing preventive measures to strength sport athletes, you are at the right place for your treatment!

  • physical therapy

Are you dealing with an aching pain, physical complaint or possibly even an injury? With the unique and hands on approach Fortis offers, your road to feeling great is right around the corner! 

  • Scar tissue therapy

Scar tissue Rehab can be tough, which is why Fortis offers scar tissue therapy to mobilise the joints and muscles of the affected area. It does not matter if it is a recent or old wound, it is worth being checked by a professional to relieve any discomfort you may be facing!

Don’t wait until you have an injury, go now and prevent it!

March 14th-8

meet the team

Fairuz El Sobki

Founder and physiotherapist

In the last 3 years as a physiotherapist, I came in contact with various complaints. I worked with a lot of top athletes to improve their mobility and give them an edge to improve their performance in their own sport. If you have any aches and pains, our unique release and mobility techniques  will get you back to your sport and daily activities in no time!

Artur Muzîcant

Founder and physiotherapist

As a powerlifter myself, I understand how important quick and sustainable results are for an athlete. Which is why truly learning about injury prevention and management is paramount for strength athletes. And with our broad techniques for treatment and knowledge about strength sports, your recovery is right around the corner!


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