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Our Iron Athlete Coaching is our dedication to helping our athletes and clients achieve their goals. From Powerlifting to lifestyle & fitness goals, we use our expertise and experience to create a personalized program based on your needs and your goals. In our team we help you become a stronger, fitter and healthier version of yourself.

The programming:

Custom Programming

After our initiation process we start designing a custom made program based on your specific needs and goals.

One-on-one & Team training sessions

With the Iron Athlete program you get both one-on-one coaching sessions focused on your progress as well as specialized team training sessions with other Iron Athletes.

NUtrition, mobility & Recovery

To help support your training and progress we also focus on creating solid planning for performance nutrition and mobility as well as training recovery and lifestyle stress management.

monthly evaluation

As you improve and grow stronger as an athlete and in your fitness journey we take the time to assess and update your program trajectory to optimize your performance.

Competition prep & Coaching

For our competitive athletes we provide the full support of our gym and coaching team during up-training and competition day from testing your openers to the last attempt.

per month
  • The full Iron Athlete Program
  • Mimimum of three months required
  • Includes Competition season training

Hear from some of our athletes

- Ianthe van Belzem

I decided to become an Iron Athlete for professional guidance leading up to a powerlifting competition. During personal training, we focussed on maintaining technical prowess and confidence during heavy lifting. All my lifts have progressed substantially in just a few months thanks to the personalised training schedule. My coach made sure I was able to get stronger in spite of (non-lifting related) injury by making adjustments and using creative alternative exercises. I am most proud of hitting a 60 kg bench press, and setting two Dutch records on the bench press within 4 months. However, I think powerlifting is more like a team sport than most people perceive it to be, and I feel that being an Iron Athlete helps me to reach the next level.

- Manho Wong

Just by following the Iron house athlete program you will turn into an overall better strength athlete. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for a specific goal or just want to be an overall stronger person!

- Jennerino Bleekman

I’m totally blown away by the advantages of the iron athlete program. I have to say, I am impressed by the level of support, time and effort Iron House takes into making me a better overall athlete. Hands down the best decision I have ever made. The progress speaks for itself.

- Tom Hankins

The Iron Athlete program makes me focus on growing stronger and improving my nutrition, general health and fitness, without worrying about the boring stuff, schedules and numbers. The programming follows a general consensus but has a lot of room to be tailored to my specific needs. The knowledge that has been bestowed on me since I started the program has been quite extensive. Upfront, workable and proven advice with proper coaching would have saved me tons of time. Iron House was like a gift from the gods. Not just a gym, but a community, a place with actual knowledge. All of this is condensed into the Iron Athlete program.

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