Become an Iron Athlete

our signature Athlete Training Program

EVERYTHING YOU GET in the program!

  • programming

After our initiation process we start designing a full custom made program based on your specific needs and goals with weekly adjustments.

  • coaching

With the Iron Athlete program you get both one-on-one coaching sessions focused on your progress as well as specialized team training sessions with other Iron Athletes.

  • nutrition

To help support your training and progress we also focus on creating solid planning for performance nutrition and lifestyle stress management.

  • Recovery & Mobility

For longevity of the sport we also provide you with mobility exercises for injury prevention and active recovery and the necessary advice for proper care.

  • competition Coaching

For our competitive athletes we provide the full support of our gym and coaching team during up-training and competition day from testing your openers to the last attempt.

  • Monthly evaluation

As you improve and grow stronger as an athlete and in your fitness journey we take the time to assess and update your program trajectory to optimize your performance.

Let’s find you to right coach to reach your goals!

Iron athlete

Monthly Price
  • Dedicated Coaching & Training
  • The Full Iron Athlete Program
  • Minimum of 3 Months Required

Hear from some of our athletes

I’m totally blown away by the advantages of the Iron Athlete Program. I have to say, I am impressed by the level of support, time and effort Iron House takes into make me a better overall athlete. Hands down the best I ever made. The progress speaks for itself.

Jennerino Bleekman


The Iron Athlete program makes me focus on growing stronger and improving my nutrition, general health and fitness, without worrying about the boring stuff, schedules and numbers. The knowledge that has been bestowed on me since I started the program has been quite extensive. Upfront, workable and proven advice with proper coaching would have saved me tons of time.

Tom Hankins

OG athlete: since day 1

I started with the Iron Athlete program in 2018 and it has been great. The programming can be tweaked to focus on my personal strengths and improvement areas, helping me become a better and stronger lifter. But what’s perhaps even more valuable, is the ease and extent to which I can connect with my coach. For me, it’s important that my coach knows what’s going on, both inside and outside the gym, that could be affecting my training and progress.
Last but not least, I didn’t just start the Iron Athete program, I became part of a community. I know everyone talks about the “Iron Family”, but it’s all true. With the amount of trainings and time spent at the gym, it’s awesome to be able to lift in a motivating environment with people who – by now- are also great friends.

Jacqueline Houweling

Athlete: since january 2018

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