A Powerlifting Mock Meet for all levels of Experience. Sign up now!

Come lift & leave it all out on the platform, on Nov. 24th.

The Iron House Mock Meet is our unofficial and informal Powerlifting Meet. Everyone is welcome, whether you are preparing for your first meet, looking to set new PRs or just want to experience powerlifting in an exciting way. The mock meet format makes this meet accessible for both newcomers and veterans of powerlifting. We will also be providing guidance for first-timers! And after we lift barbells, we celebrate with burgers & beers.

Limited spots available and 'first come first serve' so sign up fast!

How it works:

The Pool & Process

You will be grouped together with other lifters of similar opening attempts and the groups will take turns lifting. While one group is lifting, the other warms up. Each group will squat first, then move on to the bench, and finish with the deadlift.

3 Lifts, 3 attempts

After each warm-up session you will have 3 attempts to achieve your heaviest lift for the Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift. The amount of weight you increase with each attempt should be strategic to achieve your biggest lift or Personal Record (PR). Heaviest approved lift out of each lift will count for your total.

Safety & Fun

We will make sure that you are lifting in a safe and motivating environment. The staff, spotters, MC and judges will help guide you through the meet and make sure that you have a great time lifting big weights here at Iron House.


Informal Meet

As this is not a sanctioned meet you will not be required to use IPF approved gear. Shoes and sleeved shirts are to be worn at all times and long socks must be worn during deadlifts. Overly loose clothing will impair the judges ability to approve your lift. We recommend tight fitting sports clothes and shorts for men.

Judges & Spotters

We will be judging lifts for the meet based on IPF rules (because that's just how it should always be done!). This means squatting to or below parallel, pausing on your chest during the bench, and following all the commands of the judge. The spotters will make sure that you are safe even during your heaviest attempts so come ready to go for those new PRs!

Pre-meet workshop

Before the meet starts we will also be providing a small workshop to explain how the meet works, demonstrate safe lifting as well as answer any questions you have.


Date & TIME

  • Nov 24th
  • Intro Workshop starts at 10:00
  • Weigh in (optional) starts at 11:00
  • Lifting ~ at 12:00 – 

Price & Signup

Sign up for this mock meet is €15. This is fee is only for non-Iron House members. Your sign-up is complete once payment is received.


Sign up Cut-off

There is a maximum amount of lifters possible so participation is a first come first serve basis. Sign up for the meet is possible up until Nov 19th. 

Burgers & Beers

To close off the awesome day of lifting we will celebrate with fresh burgers and cold beers.

Meet Sign-up form

Payment instructions will be emailed after signup. Your sign-up conformation will then be sent via email once payment is received!