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Iron House is a gym for everyone. The gym of Utrecht.

It may look a bit exciting, but you can also start with us! We are happy to reassure you in our small-scale and safe gym.

It doesn’t matter to us whether you are already an experienced athlete or just starting out, we are happy to help you on your way. We do this through our onboarding programs.

This is intended for all new members, young and old, fit or beginner. We help you on your way. During our introduction we will discuss your goals and how often you want to exercise. We will then get to work for you and you will receive your tailor-made introduction program within 7 days.

As soon as you start doing this, the team is ready for you to explain the exercises and watch the execution of the exercises.

Interested in getting started?

Book your first sit down here and let's talk about your onboarding program right away.

Interesse om van start te gaan?

Boek dan hier jou eerste kennismaking en laten we direct gaan zitten voor jouw introductie programma.

to get
started at
Iron House?

Step 1 Consultation: As soon as you sign up for a membership, we will immediately schedule an introduction. During this consultation we will discuss what your goals are, what you expect from the gym and how you can best start at Iron House. All our subscriptions offer everything you need to get the most out of your training and achieve your goals in a fun and challenging way.

Step 2 Program in the making: Then we’ll get to work for you! Based on the consultation, we will create a 4-week custom-made onboarding program for you. We do this very quickly so that you can quickly get started with the schedule.

Step 3 Custom program + Help: The program is ready and sent! Ready to get started. Now there are probably exercises that you find difficult or that you do not know, so we would like to schedule a moment to go through them together. Then we look at the implementation of these exercises. You can always ask questions about the program at any time. There is always someone to help you.

What to expect from a membership?

Help & advice

Everyone who workouts deals with obstacles. Do you need help with new goals and getting motivated? Or maybe you do not know what best way to train? Iron House is happy to help. For every member we offer the possibilities for help & advice with training.

Group classes

At Iron House, we give different types of group classes. We focus on strength and conditioning, helping you to improve your technique and allowing you to train safely with great pleasure. Read more about our wide range of lessons here, with 4 different types of lessons.


Open gym

Come and train when it suits you.
You can always train freely at the open gym and do your own type of workouts.
We have extended opening hours and therefore you always have the opportunity to exercise.

Community & events

Nothing is better than exercising in an environment where people want to help and support each other. This is what you can expect at Iron House. Small-scale and pleasant atmosphere are our priority. During the events that are organized there is also the opportunity to get to know each other differently.

Not convinced yet?
A tour, a free trial open gym or a trial class is ALWAYS possible.
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