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Onbeperkte toegang tot al onze lessen, Power Hour en Powerlifting: Techniek and kracht training!

Open Gym

Onbeperkte toegang tot de gym en al het materiaal!

Community & Evenementen

Als lid van Iron House heb je toegang tot verschillende evenementen die we het gehele jaar door organiseren!

Lift hard. Grow together.

Personal Training: De Iron House Methode


Jij bent de focus, jouw behoeften en jouw doelen. We geven je alles wat je nodig hebt om het resultaat te behalen.

Hard werken

Geen uitdaging, geen verandering! We zorgen ervoor dat jij gemotiveerd bent en echt jouw doelen verdient.


Hoge kwaliteit coaching, omgeving en materiaal. Alles met een gastvrije en gemotiveerde ‘touch’

Wat onze leden zeggen over Iron House

We are looking for awesome people who want to be part of our awesome team and provide all Iron House members and guests a with top-notch front-desk experience! Looking for a dope part time gig? Want to learn and grow with us? 
Job Requirement: -Baliemedewerker/ front-desk clerk
-Available for morning and evening shifts.
- 10-15 hours weekly.
-Must be a gym/fitness enthusiast.
-Must be fluent in english and dutch.
-Must be a friendly and open person.

What we offer: -Fair salary & benefits.
-A friendly, supportive and motivating work environment.
-Opportunities to grow within the company.
-Mentorship on various fields.
-Iron House membership & access to our training program database.
-A chance to be part of our Iron House Family.

Only apply is you KNOW you can be an awesome addition to our team!

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  • Fleur vs. Darryl. 130kg vs 260kg
This is a cool comparison. Lifting can be such a individual experience for everyone. Here you see how different people, builds, styles and strengths look side by side. Fleur is pulling more than 2.5x bodyweight, sumo, and is weak off the ground and strong in her lockout (strong 🍑 of course). Me on the other hand am pulling conventional, I'm strong off the floor and weak in my lockout. 
Point is there are many roads that lead to Rome. 
Ow sidenote: and how fucking cute are we lifting and training together 😍 Damn what a good life.

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  • Our iron-filled slice of paradise just keeps growing stronger and better. Lately it has been with many new additions in equipment and in talent. Like this young blood beast here @berserkerstrength_ . The homie Jugraj here is one of the latest additions to our team and we couldn't be more excited to help him on his journey from beast to absolute monster! Which is exactly what coach @the_deadliftbear has planned for him. Welcome to the team 💪🏽. #happymonday #ironhouseutrecht #ironhousepowerliftingteam #utrechtsstrongestgym #ironhouseco #teamironhouse #powerlifting #knkf #ipf #squat #liftheavylivehappy #lifthardgrowtogether #strengthculture #strongdutchies #fitnl #boyswhopowerlift
  • We are incredibly super excited to now publicly announce that @fortisfysio.nl will be open July 1st! Our very own @arturmuzicant and his colleague @fairuzelsobki have taken the noble step in starting their own business. Artur has been treating our team for a while already as we started planning and building. His skills and knowledge of lifting is a perfect match for us. As a strength gym it's so valuable to us to have people who understand strength and performance sports at the right level. We are happy to welcome Fortis Fysio to our family and look forward to creating more value for everyone in our community and see that health and longevity in our sport comes first!

Cheers and much love @fortisfysio.nl 💪🏽🔥 #physicaltherapy #fysio #fortisfysio #ironhouseco #teamironhouse #ironhouseco #ironhouseutrecht #utrechtsstrongestgym #lifthardgrowtogether #powerlifting #strengthculture #strengthsports #squat #bench #deadlift #utrecht #recovery #health #strongdutchies


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