Time for a stronger YOU

The Outlift Zeus program is our Iron Athlete training method overhauled for group training. We combine our experience and expertise on Strength & Conditioning, Hybrid Training methods and no-nonsense nutrition to give you with the tools and guidance you need to achieve your goals. 

How does it work?

The Outlift Zeus program is a 16 week program consisting of 4 training cycles. Each cycle is designed for a specific training method and learning focus. Together with your coach and your group you will train, learn and start to master the essentials of strength training.

#1: Technique

Technique is everything. Is it the foundation upon which we build long lasting strength. We take the time to teach you how to lift the right way.

#2: Hybrid training

Here we combine the best of both worlds; strength and conditioning. We will focus on lifting heavy and moving properly.

#3 Strength Overload

Here we test your true strength, both physical mental. Overcome what holds you back and maximize what makes you strong!

#4: Full Body Finish

Here we will live up to our core philosophy: “Always finish strong” 

Now it is time to get the most out of the body and bring the program to a strong finish.

Experience our
'lift hard, grow together'

What do you get?

When you sign up for Project: Outlift Zeus you are signing up to take on our 4 cycles.


Each cycle includes:

– 1 group training & coaching session every week.

– Training program for 3 sessions per week.

–  Adaptive Nutrition Booklet.

– 1 Fundamentals of Nutrition workshops.

–  Full Iron House membership to use all our services!



Per month

  • Includes A Full Iron House Membership!

Want to join the Outlift Zeus Program?

We have a sign-up list for those interested in starting. First come first served and there is a limited about of spots available. If you are ready to join or have more questions please fill in the form below.

The Outlift Zeus program Starts April 1st

Join the program, train together, achieve your goals. Sign up for the waiting list!
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